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Since 1960
, we have been manufacturing top-quality AC Filters and Furnace Filters and maintain a Stock of over 200 different sizes of Standard Filters as well as manufacturing Custom Filter sizes ranging from 5″ x 5″ to 65″ x 65″ in a variety of thicknesses. We ship mini-cases, cases, pallets and Truckloads. If you do not see the quantity or size you are seeking, call us at 214-377-1143 for a Quote or email us:
All of our AC Filters and Furnace Filters are:
- Pleated            – Disposable            – Electrostatic             – Made in USA                   -Top Quality

One-Inch Sizes

One-Inch Sizes

Two-Inch Sizes

Four-Inch Sizes

Five-Inch Sizes

8x16x1 16x20x1 10x20x2 12x24x4 16x25x5
8x30x1 16x24x1 12x20x2 16x20x4 20x20x5
10x10x1 16x25x1 12x24x2 16x24x4 20x25x5
10x20x1 16x30x1 14x20x2 16x25x4 NEW! Three-Inch Size!
10x24x1 16x36x1 14x24x2 18x24x4
10x25x1 18x18x1 14x25x2 20x20x4
10x30x1 18x20x1 15x20x2 20x24x4
12x12x1 18x24x1 16x16x2 20x25x4
12x16x1 18x25x1 16x20x2 24x24x4
12x18x1 18x30x1 16x24x2
12x20x1 18x36x1 16x25x2
12x24x1 19x27x1 18x18x2
12x25x1 20x20x1 18x20x2
12x30x1 20x24x1 18x24x2
12x36x1 20x25x1 18x25x2
14x14x1 20x30x1 20x20x2
14x18x1 20x36x1 20x24x2
14x20x1 22x22x1 20x25x2
14x24x1 24x24x1 20x30x2
14x25x1 24x30x1 24x24x2
14x30x1 24x36x1 24x30x2
15x20x1 25x25x1 25x25x2
15x25x1 30x30x1
15x36x1 30x36x1

We have been manufacturing filters and selling them direct since 1960. We make standard sizes of filters in one-inch (1″), two-inch (2″),  four-inch (4″) and five-inch (5″) thicknesses and in widths and lengths ranging from 5″x5″ to 65″x65″.

We offer our filters in MERV ratings ranging from MERV7 to MERV13 and currently testing MERV16 filters. MERV is a rating system created by to help you identify the efficiency of a filter and compare it to other manufacturers. For example, a MERV filter rated MERV8 from one manufacturer will be comparable in quality and efficiency to another manufacturer’s MERV8 filter. The primary differences will be the price and the way the filter is manufactured. We use a combination of manual and automatic machinery to produce superior filters that do not break down in operation.

We also include shipping in the cost that is posted on our website, so there is no guessing about your final cost. Finally, we use the company to process your payment to eliminate the possiblity of having your identity compromised.

If you do not see what you are looking for or need pricing on Custom Filter sizes or quantities larger than the ones posted, feel free to call us or email us at:

















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